Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 26.31 cm (10.4 inch), S-Pen in Box, Slim and Light, Dolby Atmos Sound, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB ROM, Wi-Fi Tablet, Gray ₹ 22999

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 26.31 cm (10.4 inch), S-Pen in Box, Slim and Light, Dolby Atmos Sound, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB ROM, Wi-Fi Tablet, Gray ₹ 22999
  • 26.31 Centimeters (10.4-inch) TFT with 2000 x 1200 pixels resolution, 16M color support
  • AKG Tuned Dual Speakers with Dolby Atmos
  • 8MP primary camera | 5MP front facing camera
  • 4GB RAM, 64GB internal memory expandable up to 1TB | 7,040 mAh / USB Type C
  • Android 12 | SDM720G (Octa –Core 2.3GHz + 1.7GHz) processor

, Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 26.31 cm (10.4 inch), S-Pen in Box, Slim and Light, Dolby Atmos Sound, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB ROM, Wi-Fi Tablet, Gray,, 22999, INR, Samsung,

2 reviews for Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 26.31 cm (10.4 inch), S-Pen in Box, Slim and Light, Dolby Atmos Sound, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB ROM, Wi-Fi Tablet, Gray ₹ 22999

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  1. Padmanabhan R

    So I got this tablet a month ago because the gigantic stack of notes that was piling up on my top shelf came tumbling down on my head which I took as a sign from a higher power to go digital with my notes. I bought this tablet because it is the cheapest tablet in the market that comes with an S Pen included, and the S Pen changes the entire capability of the tablet.

    So let me make this clear, I bought this tablet for note taking and not for gaming or media consumption. My primary use case was taking notes, making annotations on PDFs, Signing Documents and basically all the boring adult stuff that people tend to cry about in their off time. But for the sake of this review I did use this tablet extensively so that you people can make a more informative choice when buying this tablet.

    [Connectivity] – 4/5
    [Screen] – 4/5
    This tablet comes with a 10.4 inch screen as mentioned in the product description and the screen is a TFT panel, I know it’s quite sad that it is not AMOLED but in this price range with such a large screen real estate I can see how Samsung had to compromise there. But do not fret my dear friend this screen is laminated and they squeezed every inch of performance out of this screen so it looks very good. Most of the time I have to actually go out of my way to look for the difference between this screen and an AMOLED panel.

    Now I said the screen is laminated, this basically means the screen glass, digitizer and the display are made as one piece(source: trust me bro). What does this mean? Not much for people who use this to take note but for people who use this for art, the laminated screen translated to better accuracy when drawing, i.e., the spot on the screen surface you place your S Pen tip will be more accurately mirrored in the software. It has a resolution of 1200 x 2000 and an aspect ratio of 5:3 which is pretty solid for most types of content. Overall the screen is a fitting for a work horse tablet like this one.

    [Processing Power] – 3/5
    In all honesty I should not be getting sweaty about the specifications of this tablet because it is a mid range tablet and not some “flagship killer” (shiver me timbers). But my main gripe with Samsung on this one and reason why I gave it a 3/5 is because of the Exynos 9611 CPU. The Exynos chipsets are notorious for delivering poor performance and it degrades faster over time and generally buckles under high workloads. To put this into context, the Exynos 9611 is the same CPU that you will find in Samsung’s M21 2021 Edition smartphone which is a low end smartphone that goes for 13k(This tablet goes for more than double the price). I know this because I own the M21 as well, and even though I haven’t seen any performance issues yet I am sure going forward the invisible hand of faulty chipsets will come to haunt my [Redacted]. The CPU is not terrible and as long as you don’t put it under a lot of stress(like opening 100 apps and 6000 google chrome tabs) the performance is crisp, but the fact that you have to be conscious about this debilitation is a failure in my eyes.

    [Ram & Storage] – 3.5/5
    This tablet comes with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, which is pretty standard for mid range tablets. You can however expand the storage upto 1TB. So even though you won’t be able to save your 200 GB homework folder(wink wink) on your internal storage you can always shift it to your external storage. 4GB RAM is average, it handles tasks pretty well and I haven’t seen it lag even while playing games like PUBG, and CoD Mobile.

    [Media Features] – 3.5/5
    The tablet has AKG certified speakers on the bottom(landscape config) and they are very solid speakers. No complaints here, the speakers sound amazing for the price point and overall it serves the purpose well. There is a microphone on the right side of the tab which can get covered up if you are holding the tablet in portrait mode, but you will be using the tablet in landscape mode for most microphone related activities like video calling so there’s no issue on that front.

    The main camera is an 8 MP camera that can shoot video at 1080p @ 30 fps and the front facing camera is a 5 MP camera that can do the same. The quality isn’t that great but at the same time you won’t look like handsome Squidward during video calls either. The thing most people ask themselves is why does a Tablet have a main camera? The answer is to scan documents, and this camera does it just fine. Overall the media consumption and creation is very smooth on the the tablet.

    [Battery] – 4/5
    The tablet comes with a 7000 mAh battery which will last you all day if you use this tablet for mainly note taking and editing PDFs but if you’re gaming and watching YouTube/Netflix all the time the battery drains quite fast. But it is a serviceable battery life. I suggest keeping your battery charged to around the 80% mark to preserve it’s lifespan.

    [Software and S Pen] – 5/5
    This tablet is a case where the software carries the entire value of the tablet. Samsung’s One UI for tablets is so far ahead of every tablet(other than the iPad) that it’s almost criminal to even categorize Samsung’s tablets with other tablets in the market. The tablet as of now(30/01/2022) comes with One UI version 3.1 and Android 11. The S6 originally didn’t release with the One UI 3.1 baked in. In fact it was an update that brought it to people that had bought the S6 lite on launch and oh boy the update brough Samsung Dex to the S6 lite which completely changed the value of the tablet. As of now there are no tablets in this price range that can do as much as the S6 lite can do, and one of the reasons is Dex. Dex is Samsung’s software feature that changes the UI of the tablet/phone into a desktop like interface. This also comes with better multi tasking and a bare bones desktop experience. They’re rolling out updates and Dex just keeps getting better with each generation but because Dex is in this tablet my laptop almost became obsolete.

    I use my laptop for efficient multi tasking and I have a lot of windows open at the same time. I can do that in Dex now, which has made online lectures so much more easier to document and organize. Although you don’t get all the features of Dex like hooking your table on to a monitor and running a multi monitor setup, it does pretty much everything else. So in case you forgot your laptop for a lecture or something Dex can come in clutch.

    There is also the myriad of ecosystem apps of Samsung like Samsung Flow which makes sending and receiving files from your computer extremely easy and you can also screen share to your laptop screen in case there is something that requires you to do a demonstration of some kind(very useful for teachers taking online classes and need something to take the place of a board).

    Other than that One UI is amazing. The S Pen integration allows you to open up multiple apps by dragging them from the app windows you can pull up from the side and dropping them into the screen space. Using this feature you can watch an online lecture/video/read a textbook on one window while taking down notes or using a calculator in another window. It is basically super smooth for multi tasking. I can’t cover all the tips and tricks of the One UI here but there are plenty of YouTube channels that explain all the shortcuts in detail.

    This brings me to S Note, which is arguably one of the if not the best note taking app in the market, and it is integrated with the S Pen so well that you will question why you never had the brilliant idea of taking digital notes earlier. From the myriad of stock templated that comes with the S Note app to the custom ones you can download from anywhere on the internet or make yourself, the S Note let’s you design your ideal note taking environment and gives you an unbelievable amount of control over what you can do. In fact I feel like my notes have become more cleaner and well organized since I started using S Note and I’m slowly but surely taking many of it’s advanced features for granted.

    This brings me to the S Pen. Unlike the more expensive S7 series S Pens, the S Pen for the S6 lite does not come with Bluetooth capabilities, and honestly the Bluetooth S Pens only have the air gestures which makes you look like an idiot every time you use them. The shape is ergonomic, it is the size of a regular pen and it comes with a button the S Pen menu when you’re in the Tablet’s main menu and when holding it down during your note taking or artwork it acts like an eraser. Honestly I love the S Pen although you should watch out for a small problem. If you buy one of them paper like screen protectors that have the rough surface that tries to emulate paper, then you’re S Pen’s tip will wear out fast. And once the tip is smudged out you’ll either have to pay 10K for a brand new S Pen or go on a sketchy trip through the underbelly of Amazon’s DIY market looking for a knockoff nib replacement which is pretty easy to find. You can void this by buying a tempered glass screen protector or not using a screen protector at all. Either way the tip has some resistance and it is an absolute pleasure to write with.

    {Overall Rating} – 4/5

    [Why you shouldn’t buy the tablet for now]

    So this is for those people who are hunting for a tablet that will be the best bang for the buck, and have the time to wait. The S6 lite as of now is on it’s way to retirement. Since the Samsung Tab S7 series has done it’s time and the Tab S8 series have been announced to release a few months later. In this environment I am pretty sure Samsung will come out with a Samsung Tab S7 lite which will be slightly more pricier but will be far better than the S6 lite, at which time you can just buy that instead of going with the S6 lite which will stop getting support pretty soon. Also if you can spare a bit more money getting the Tab S7 FE or even the base model Samsung Tab S7 is better than the S6 lite because of how much better their screens are and how much more performance they pack. If you can spare the time or spend more money I suggest you wait. But for those rushing to get a Tablet in this range and need one immediately I suggest this tablet 100%. I have never made a more significant purchase in my life.

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  2. Suresh Kumar Vemuri

    Samsung has really hit the Tablet market by adding an S-Pen.
    Let’s talk about a few aspects of the device.

    1) Free S-Pen (5/5) – Throwing a free S-Pen in the box is probably the best thing that Samsung has done in the price range. S-Pen does not need a battery, no pairing needed, and is ergonomically lightweight. The plastic build feels no less than a premium stylus that you can find in the flagship tablets only.
    Notes taking is so handy and palm rejection is decent. I am not an artist but I’m sure it won’t make much difference for artists as well. It has no lag and the button in the S-Pen is handy too. The synchronization of S pen with the display is seamless. A brilliant add on by Samsung.

    2) Display (3/5) – The tablet is surely going to be a drawback with its TFT panel display. The colors aren’t rich and not as punchy and vibrant as you might find in most phones nowadays. However, it is better than most Android tablets in the market at this price range. If you are a Super AMOLED Display user like me, then the display is surely going to disappoint you taking you back to the era of 2016-17. Normally, you won’t find it much bothering if you aren’t constantly gawking for picture quality. It’s understandable and decent for the price as far as other aspects are concerned. My main utility is reading and taking notes and I’m totally satisfied with the display panel.
    The colors are good and the outdoor usage is also decent.

    3) Speakers (5/5) – Loud, Punchy and clearer audio than expected. No wonder why Samsung brands AKG so proudly on its devices.

    4) Processor (4/5) – I don’t do much gaming and probably wouldn’t wish to use a tablet for that purpose. But I tried COD mobile in this anyway and found it run smoothly. Of course, graphics and display aside. The apps launch quite smoothly and I faced NO LAG in any app till now. In fact, some video editing tools work fine as well.

    5) OS (4/5) – This tablet comes with Android 10 and supports all that you find in the app store. The best thing about Android is that its wide range of applications and most of them are free. Of course, not all of them are optimized for tablets, but there’s no reason to complain. Almost all apps run as smoothly as they do on any mobile phone. Although you can find apps that are specially optimized for Android tablets as well. I personally find Android 10 OS much rational, especially in the price range even if I compare it with its rival windows 10 OS in Surface Pro.

    6) UI (5/5) – Samsung, nowadays is taking up the market with its One UI and the new update makes the user experience better with buttery smooth theme and gestures. It works no less amazing in the tablet and gives a pretty good experience while using it. BUT, it does make you feel like using a Samsung phone, just that with a bigger screen and its quite alright.

    7) Camera (3/5) – Well, The 8 MP rear camera is pretty decent and gets the work done. The 5 MP front camera is good as well and is quite ok with video calling, online lectures, and similar purposes. Don’t expect to do a session of photography with it. Although Samsung came up with better camera quality than most Android tablets in the price range. Camera Megapixels and quality should not be a major deciding factor in terms of a tablet, anyway.

    8) Connectivity (5/5) – No complaints at all. One can connect any Bluetooth device seamlessly, be it a keyboard, mouse or BT speakers and the range is good as well.

    9) As a laptop replacement: BT keyboards and mouse can be integrated to give it a laptop feeling. But frankly, If you want a laptop, buy a laptop. As simple as that. There’s no point in replacing a laptop with a tablet. I bought a tablet for instant access to the internet, journals, papers, reviewing presentations, a little entertainment, meetings, and notes taking. And I’m so much satisfied with it. For heavy professional work and all, I have a laptop for that.

    Overall Review: This is the best deal you could get especially with the S-Pen integration and if you dont want to spend an extra 6000 to 9000 INR just for a stylus. Probably very good for students in the price range, mainly in the times of online classes and lectures. It is an awesome tablet for others as well.

    I could recommend it to everyone. I hope this review helps.

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    Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 26.31 cm (10.4 inch), S-Pen in Box, Slim and Light, Dolby Atmos Sound, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB ROM, Wi-Fi Tablet, Gray ₹ 22999
    Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 26.31 cm (10.4 inch), S-Pen in Box, Slim and Light, Dolby Atmos Sound, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB ROM, Wi-Fi Tablet, Gray ₹ 22999


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