Lenovo Ideapad Duet Chromebook (25.65 cm (10.1 inch) 4 GB, 128 GB, Wi-Fi Only) with Keyboard, Stand Cover, Dual Tone Design, 100 GB Free Cloud… ₹ 24999

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Lenovo Ideapad Duet Chromebook (25.65 cm (10.1 inch) 4 GB, 128 GB, Wi-Fi Only) with Keyboard, Stand Cover, Dual Tone Design, 100 GB Free Cloud... ₹ 24999
  • 2-in-1 detachable laptop, USI Stylus compatible with fast and stable plug-and-play keyboard enabled with 5-point pogo pin and magnet design
  • 10.1 inch FHD IPS display with 400 nits of brightness
  • 7.35 mm thickness with dual tone design and weighing 450 grams
  • Upto 10 hours of battery life with 7000 mAH battery
  • Google Chrome Operating System with MediaTek Helio P60T octa core processor and 4 GB RAM and 128 GB ROM with an 8 second boot up time and free 8 year antivirus software update
  • Access to free one year Google One membership with 100 GB free storage, G-suite and Evernote

, Lenovo Ideapad Duet Chromebook (25.65 cm (10.1 inch) 4 GB, 128 GB, Wi-Fi Only) with Keyboard, Stand Cover, Dual Tone Design, 100 GB Free Cloud…, https://www.amazon.in/Lenovo-Ideapad-Chromebook-Tablet-25-65/dp/B08LZNH5SF?ref_=Oct_DLandingS_D_125f9d04_76&smid=A14CZOWI0VEHLG, 24999, INR, Lenovo,

4 reviews for Lenovo Ideapad Duet Chromebook (25.65 cm (10.1 inch) 4 GB, 128 GB, Wi-Fi Only) with Keyboard, Stand Cover, Dual Tone Design, 100 GB Free Cloud… ₹ 24999

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  1. Akhil Krishnan

    Unless you specifically need the full chrome browser for some reason, you are way better off with an android tablet.
    It has the full chrome browser, a good keyboard and great battery life.
    Speakers sound ok, the screen has auto-brightness, a decent microphone with a bad front camera.
    Never buy this for its stylus support. It has pathetic palm rejection. You will be opening menus, drawing out the shelf and switching windows if you try to write with your palm on the screen. The tablet knows a stylus is on the screen so it’s a software issue that they refuse to fix. You are better off with a Samsung or Apple tablet. Also Microsoft has ended support for its one note android app on Chrome OS and play store wont let you install it. You can’t sideload apps unless you want to deal with the developer menu every time you boot up the device. And you don’t get to control when the device shuts down so it happens a lot.
    No headphone jack, though music shuts down when the tablet sleeps anyway.
    I haven’t had any issues with bluetooth connectivity so far though the “mobile data” function that shares your mobile data via wifi easily only works half the time so you’ll take out the phone and turn on its hotspot anyways.
    USB C to HDMI connection is limited at 30fps in 1080p and the FPS really is probably lesser than that so it looks terrible on an external screen. It’s worse on USB C to DP(monitors with native type C ports), where it refuses to display 1080p even. So forget connecting an external monitor to this device.

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  2. Shashank K

    This is fantastic, with only a few minor problems.

    The good:

    Free keyboard and stand cover accessory at this price is a steal. It’s like a low budget Microsoft Surface..

    Performance is great for basic multi-tasking. Desktop Chrome is great to use and you can have multiple tabs open easily.

    Convenient to turn this into an Android tablet and back into a chrome os machine.

    Beautiful screen. It’s just 1920*1200, but the colors are very vivid and brightness is fantastic. I prefer watching media on this compared to my PC.

    Bluetooth mouse and keyboard make this into a full workstation for casual work. Perfect for students or writers.

    Being able to run android apps is great. Almost all are compatible and run well.

    The bad:

    Processor is great for the price but a bottleneck. Apple Ipad and Samsung S6 lite run heavy applications better.

    Weak speakers. Max volume isn’t sufficient most times. Wireless headphones are a MUST.

    The keyboard is appreciated, but it doesn’t compare to a good one like the Logitech K480. The good thing is the touchpad since ChromeOS uses a lot of gestures. It’s not great but at this price I can’t complain too much.

    On this very page it says you get 100gb of free drive storage when purchasing this device. However that’s not the case yet. The perks page reads that not all perks are available in this region, so you can not redeem your free drive storage. Total let down.

    NO APKS! Whatever you want to install has to be through the app store. You can either use linux or developer mode to install them, but it’s a huge hassle. APKS should be easy to install on a chromebook.

    Very heavy with keyboard and cover attachments.

    Only one port, type c. Limited connectivity. Buy a usb adapter or a hub, it’s worth it.


    I listed a lot of cons but I think this is a great buy for people that want a lightweight machine for some work and play.
    This is great for students, but keep in mind this is best as a secondary machine. It’s NOT a full fledged laptop.

    It’s a great product for long term lightweight usage.

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  3. Zarino Dias

    This is a computer that can handle almost any work given. So if you are looking for a device that is dumb enough for just netflix and games, go for the other tablets out there as this device has a small learning curve.

    So i wanted to get a device through which I could read my pdf textbooks and make written notes. Initially i wanted to buy a regular tablet but then decided that instead of adding another device to my bag, what if i could find something that would work as a laptop + phone + tablet. After much research I found this device and it does just that. It has fully replaced my windows laptop and does almost everything my phone can do except LTE calling.

    The build of this device is very sturdy. It has a beautiful blue color at the border. It comes with a magnetic back cover that has a kickstand and a detachable keyboard. My first impression of the keyboard was that it would be very small for daily typing but after a little usage i totally got used to it. In Fact i type much faster on the chromebook keyboard then on my laptop. The keys have a nice travel. I used the Ipad smart keyboard before and it was not comfortable to type on, but this keyboard is much better. The back of the keyboard is anti slip and just the thought of putting this feature makes this device more interesting.

    The screen is very clear and color rendering is good. Just one drawback is that it is not gorilla glass and soon it started to get scratches. It was also difficult to find a tempered glass or screen guard for this device, but finally found one seller online.

    The speaker are clear but a little soft.

    Webcam is very basic.

    It has only one USB TYPE C port that you can use for everything (and when i say everything i mean it). You can plug printers, pen drives, Projectors, hard disks, external monitors and many more peripherals to it. I purchased a USB type C hub from Pibox that has a hdmi port etc.

    For writing I purchased the HP USI pen as that was the only USI pen available at that time in India.

    One drawback i found in the build was that the keyboard does not have a magnetic attachment to the screen, unlike the type cover of the Microsoft Surface tablets and the Ipads. So when you shut the keyboard on the screen, it does go into sleep mode and switches the screen off but the keyboards moves on the screen a lot, causing scratches and possible damage to the pogo pin connection of the keyboard. It was impossible to find a folio cover like Ipad and galaxy tab for this device (but you do not need one as a back cover comes with it). I found a felt sleeve case by THEONE and it does a good job.

    Also once the keyboard and back cover is attached, the total weight is a little more than expected.

    Now coming to software and performance:
    First you must know that this is a CHROMEBOOK. You have to do a little homework on chromebooks otherwise you will never appreciate the potential of this device. As told above this device can replace your phone as chromebooks have a layer of android installed through which apps from Google Play Store can be installed.

    As being a chromebook, this device is very fast and doesn’t require much high end specs to remain fast.

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  4. Prateek Tiwari

    All good, but screen broken even after temper, lenovo denied to make part available.

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    Lenovo Ideapad Duet Chromebook (25.65 cm (10.1 inch) 4 GB, 128 GB, Wi-Fi Only) with Keyboard, Stand Cover, Dual Tone Design, 100 GB Free Cloud… ₹ 24999
    Lenovo Ideapad Duet Chromebook (25.65 cm (10.1 inch) 4 GB, 128 GB, Wi-Fi Only) with Keyboard, Stand Cover, Dual Tone Design, 100 GB Free Cloud… ₹ 24999


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