Derwent Graphic Line Painter Coloured Pen Set, Pack of 5 (Palette No.3) ₹ 783.94

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Last updated on February 6, 2023 12:58 am
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Derwent Graphic Line Painter Coloured Pen Set, Pack of 5 (Palette No.3) ₹ 783.94
  • Fine line paint pens filled with lightfast permanent, opaque water based ink
  • 0.5 Japan nib is robust and delivers a fluid paint line
  • Weave the most intricate designs with these cool fine liners
  • Pen pack designed by Carne Griffiths
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan

, Derwent Graphic Line Painter Coloured Pen Set, Pack of 5 (Palette No.3),, 783.94, INR, Derwent,

5 reviews for Derwent Graphic Line Painter Coloured Pen Set, Pack of 5 (Palette No.3) ₹ 783.94

3.8 out of 5
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  1. Lin P D

    I bought these for my 14 year old daughter who loves her art. These are to compliment the Derwent Graphik Line Markers. She says that they are fantastic to use with them being a a lovely array of colours. It might seem as though there is not much paint in them but you are not meant to press down on the nib too hard. By pressing down on the nib very lightly, you can control the flow of the paint. She has produced some excellent artwork for her portfolio with these and her art teacher has asked that she consider doing A level Art. We will definitely be buying some more of these when they run out. Highly recommended for the budding artist!

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  2. Stargazer4589

    Nice pens, beautiful colours. They are best for drawing and lines, as their name implies. I did colour a bit with them, but I don’t think that’s their best use. I did get the occasional blob of paint from the tip, but it didn’t cause a problem. These pens feel good in my hand and are easy to draw with.

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  3. N. Zahrani

    I like Derwent art supplies but this one is different. I like the colors and how the pens work when they work consistently but thats the problem- they’re erratic and unpredictable. for some time i used them for creativity and idea generating techniques and they were fine as i don’t mind unpleasant surprises then but for actual final work, no- I’m not Pollocks!

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  4. Skerlanzic

    Bought these to use within my Fine Art project, they worked well for me and the colour is rich and opaque. To clear the conflicting reviews, these ARE paint pens and as such they DO NOT perform like a fine liner. The reviews that say the pens are ‘low quality’ or ‘faulty’ because the ink spills through the nib don’t consider their actual function. The spilling through the nib could occur through over-pumping the pen, pressing the pen too firmly in use and keeping the pen stored nib pointing down. It is also a great aspect of the product, since the ink can be worked with e.g using a paint brush to spread the ink and paint with it, diluting it with water to make it go even further and the opacity means that the pens can be used to doodle on top of any previous ink and still show up. If you are looking for a set of coloured fine liners then these will do the job, you just have to be very gentle and careful. However, the spilling of the ink through the nib is very unpredictable and can often lead the pen to become quite messy.
    For more information on what the product is actually advertised to do and see some examples of it in use, I went to the Derwent website.

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  5. craftykat

    these are very nice pens which do cool things, they also come in nice little pouches which means less waste materiel which i thought was really cool. i also thought the price wasn’t too bad. i found my posca pens can do similar things if you want to know the differences please read on.
    i bought these after seeing a video of them on u-tube, before i bought them i tried to do the techniques with my posca paint pens.
    i tried all the techniques shown in the video blowing on the pens, using them on watermarks, using water onto the pen marks, splattering them and blowing from the pen onto watermarks. all of the techniques worked but you have to blow quite hard. i thought that it looked like the derwent pens might be more inky rather then paint and therefore they might be brighter when using with water then the posca and that they might work better with the blowing techniques as they looked like the ink would have a lower density.
    well… they are nice to use and they do do all the techniques you see in the video however they are not as bright as they look in the video. in my opinion the ink/paint is pretty much the same as the posca’s. they were not brighter and the techniques did not work better just about the same.
    they do have different nibs though, these have the same nibs as fine-line pens which is nice.
    so you may not wish to buy these if you already have posca but i didn’t mind as they weren’t to pricey and i got to see what they are like.
    overall i thought they were pretty cool.

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    Derwent Graphic Line Painter Coloured Pen Set, Pack of 5 (Palette No.3) ₹ 783.94
    Derwent Graphic Line Painter Coloured Pen Set, Pack of 5 (Palette No.3) ₹ 783.94


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