Redgear Shadow Blade Mechanical Keyboard with Drive Customization, Spectrum LED Lights, Media Control Knob and Wrist Support (Black)

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Last updated on March 20, 2022 7:53 am
  • Blue Switches: Shadow blade comes equipped with mechanical Blue Clicky Switches which gives you a tactile feedback of it. It also helps to increase the gaming speed by reducing the effort required to push the keys all the way through and provides a 100% typing speed bonus.
  • LED: It has a 22 Spectrum LED Mode for the day and also for the night time. You can adjust the LED as per your requirement
  • Windows Key-Lock: With its Windows Key Lock you can play for long hours without being any hassle or interruption.
  • Floating Key-Caps: The keycaps are perfectly placed which gives a clicky sound and accurate results every time you click. Its ergonomic design helps distance each pressure laid on it while using it.
  • Control Knob: Shadow Blade is also equipped with a Control Knob that helps you control your media i.e play/pause and volume control
  • Driver customization via Redgear garage

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Specification: Redgear Shadow Blade Mechanical Keyboard with Drive Customization, Spectrum LED Lights, Media Control Knob and Wrist Support (Black)



Item Height

‎42 Millimeters

Item Width

‎22 Centimeters

Product Dimensions

‎43.6 x 22 x 4.2 cm, 1.3 Kilograms

Item model number


Included Components


Country of Origin

Item Weight

‎1 kg 300 g

4 reviews for Redgear Shadow Blade Mechanical Keyboard with Drive Customization, Spectrum LED Lights, Media Control Knob and Wrist Support (Black)

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  1. Abraham JOSEPH

    Hey everyone! I bought this gaming keyboard last week and have been using it as my primary gaming keyboard and also for work. I think KB’s like this are great for allround usage. I also own a few other gaming keyboards from Gamdias ,RedDragon, CoolerMaster and Aukey.

    2-User manual (don’t throw it away)
    3- Keycap puller

    -Very durable ,I think it has a metal frame inside.
    -Matte finish ,looks attractive
    -Braided wires ,Very thick
    -Keys are pleasure to type on
    -RGB Backlit ,Each key have their individual LED.
    -Key letters are easily visible at night without causing any eye strain
    -Brightness of LED can be adjusted.
    -You can easily customize LED transitions.
    -Custom mode is a life saver .(Turning ON LED on the required keys)
    -Keys have enough spacing
    -Ofcourse ,Long lasting

    -Keyboard lacks the left function key, Indian rupee keys. Won’t be an issue for most users.
    -The USB Cable might have been designed a little more conveniently(tilt adjustable), because when using a laptop, it seems to be a little bit inconvenient to manage that cable.
    -The added wrist rest is good but its hard to attach and it gets detached easily if you keep moving your KB a lot.


    Redgear Shadow Blade is one of the most affordable and latest mechanical keyboards sold on Amazon .First of ,you may be thinking why a mechanical keyboard ? Why is everyone so crazy about this typewriter-like sounding device which is heavier than a traditional membrane keyboard ? The reason I prefer a mechanical keyboard for gaming is ,It is way more durable than a traditional membrane keyboard .Also the keys are very fluid and fast to type on.

    All keys have anti ghosting. Which are not seen in your standard membrane keyboards, you can probably press 5 keys down before ghosting occurs, that’s it, any additional key presses after those five will not register (they’ll become “ghosts”). With my testing so far, there is definitely merit to their claim. When I pressed down across the length of the keyboard with my palm, nearly all of the keys registered. Obviously, with this method, it’s nearly impossible to tell which keys I’ve pressed down, but from what I can tell no ghosting occurred. There is AT LEAST a 10-key rollover, enough for each of your fingers, so you shouldn’t have any issues with ghosting in a normal setting.

    It has a dedicated knob for controlling media, like play, pause volume Up and Down settings…also then light around the Knob can be turned off and has an added spectrum mode(blink profile)
    The keyboard is heavy since it has a metal platform, and good quality clicky keys..

    Well ,this is where mechanical keyboard excels. You can use it for any purpose,whether it is for office use ,home or hardcore gaming ,These are the perfect choice.

    After playing a couple of games I found the keyboard is really fast and responsive .Even in a dark environment the key letters are perfectly visible with its LEDs.

    Definitely a must buy if you want an affordable ,good quality and long lasting mechanical keyboard at this price bracket.Surely not going to disappoint you. Keys work fine ,provide good feedback ,have great look RGB LEDs and much more.


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  2. Rajesh Dutta

    The keys are satisfying to click and the backlight is very uniform [mostly]. These have a very satisfying clickiness to it, almost like TVS gold but not exactly at that level. Very satisfying to type on. I am mostly happy with the keyboard but I do have some gripes, Some of the legends are crooked and not exactly in line with the others, the keys have a matte finish on top but the 4 sides have glossy finish. Would have preferred full matte. Although was not mentioned on product page, I found it does support all key anti-ghosting and has a very uniform actuation force across all keys. Legend is clearly legible even with backlight off.

    The keycap puller that comes in the box is really nice and of good quality, though there are no extra switches. The switches used are ” Content Blue” and seem to be of decent quality. The backlight on my F11 and F2 key is a bit dimmer than the rest. This does not have true rgb, Its fake rgb where you get Green> Orange> Red> Blue> Violet> Teal> Green as the color zones. The color of the the backlight cannot be changed on a per key basis or even zone wise. There are off+5 stages of backlight although stage 4 and 5 are of almost same brightness, the thing that annoys me is the backlight brightness for the volume knob does not change with the rest of the keyboard, It will stay on and at 100% backlight regardless of the fact that you turned off the backlight in the rest of the keyboard.

    It also has some nice pattern lighting effect although I always keep mine on solid, no pattern. I hope they link brightness of volume knob to rest of the keyboard in a firmware update.. Its a solid keyboard , regardless. Mine weighed 1.4kg and had the bottom left foot a bit shorter than the bottom middle foot and bottom right foot,so there is a slight wobble. The media knob key is quite useful changing volume on the fly or play/pause music, You’ll not realize how useful it is unless you own it. The housing is solid aluminum on the top lid and High quality Plastic for the sides and bottom, The usb cable is braided and has a gold plated USB end.
    For the price and the features presented, I think the compromises are ok.

    Update after using for 1 month: The matte finish on the keycaps tend to wear out fast. I am a heavy fps gamer and my W,A,D keys have already become very shiny and slippery, which does not feel good and gives the impression of it being oily/grimy.

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  3. Avi

    The media could not be loaded.

     As mentioned in the video, The keyboard is good but has manufacturing defects of some keys malfunctioning and few keys not having lightning effect. Also, For some reasons turning all RGB lights on keeps changing the volume in system which is annoying.
    Edit: The replacement model is perfect and I am loving this keyboard.
    Edit 2: After just 5 months of usage, one of the key has lost its backlight.

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  4. Dinker Chaudhary

    The media could not be loaded.

     Purchased this on 26 February i think. It has been around 4-5 days of regular usage from then on. Here is my review after detailed usage.
    The keyboard weighs at 1.3 kg. the top of keyboard is metallic and bottom is plastic. Wrist rest is included in package and is made of plastic. As a whole the keyboard feels sturdy and solid.
    The keys are well lit up and comes with multiple RGB modes which are preset and cannot be changed but i think they have covered most of the modes.

    It comes with blue switches which are well known to give out satisfying pressing sound and it definity gives out that sound. I have attaced a video of sound it makes.

    Also comes with sound adjusting knob on keyboard itself which comes in handy during quick gaming.

    I think it is ideal for long gaming sessions.

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    Redgear Shadow Blade Mechanical Keyboard with Drive Customization, Spectrum LED Lights, Media Control Knob and Wrist Support (Black)
    Redgear Shadow Blade Mechanical Keyboard with Drive Customization, Spectrum LED Lights, Media Control Knob and Wrist Support (Black)


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